Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sigh ...

I am waiting for the results of the Waite DNA test, and am a little disheartened. I suppose it was too much to expect a clear result right off the bat, but I truly hoped we'd have a match, even with the preliminary results. At this point that's not the case, but June 6th is apparently the magical time when we should have the data for all of the markers we ordered. Fingers crossed that we have a match with someone in the Waite study, and that we can sort out which family line we're related to.

In the meantime, I went to the May meeting of the Ontario SIG of the Alberta Family Histories Society this week. I picked up a little new information, and will spend some time this week thinking about how we can best plan to spend our time when we visit Ontario. We had hoped to be there this weekend, and to have attended the OGS conference, but those plans just didn't work out, as dad and I were both away on vacations this spring, and life just got away on me for the past while. We will sit down soon and think about when we'll be able to make the trip, and in the meantime we can plan how to approach our research when the time comes. Perhaps a visit to the AFHS library will be helplful, as the volunteers are amazing, and sometimes offer suggestions we haven't thought about.