Saturday, 30 July 2011

Family Names

With a name like Smith, you have to know that it was encouraging to realize we had more unique names in our tree, as it was not easy, and still is very challenging, to deal with the Smith name. We do have many Smiths in our tree, for sure, and it is kind of good fun for me to tease that part of the family about the fact that Smith is quite likely not our/their real name. John Smith, from Switzerland, has been a brick wall from day one, and it is my keen desire to someday find out enough about him to determine what the "real" family name is. Whether he was Johannes Schmid or any other name remains to be proven, but it gives us a significant challenge, and those who know me know that I am quite up to most challenges, so I truly hope we solve this mystery someday soon.

The other names in our tree?

On Dad's Smith side: Waite (or Wait), Sundell (which was Andersson before they came from Sweden), Arnold (you bet, we are the descendants of Benedict's illegitimate son), Peterson, Hay, Mason, and Manhard.

On Mom's Lockerbie side: May, MacHarg, Stevenson, Steele (or Steel), Davidson, Lytle (or Little), Bell, Seaman, and Cameron.

Where did they come from?
Smith -- supposedly Switzerland, and perhaps Germany or Wurtenburg.
Sundell -- Sund, Sweden -- they were named Andersson, but changed their name when they emigrated
Arnold -- England, Connecticut, New Brunswick, Ontario, North Dakota, Saskatchewan
Peterson -- Sweden, Minnesota
Hay -- Scotland, Pennsylvania (Pottsville & Philadelphia)
Waite (Wait) -- Ireland?, Quebec, Ontario, North Dakota, Saskatchewan
Mason -- Ontario, Saskatchewan
Manhard -- Germany? or Holland?, New York, Ontario

Lockerbie -- Scotland, New Jersey, Saskatchewan
May -- Ireland, Ontario
MacHarg -- Scotland, Philadelphia, Saskatchewan
Stevenson -- Scotland, Ontario
Steele (Steel) -- Scotland
Davidson -- Scotland, New York
Lytle (Little) -- County Mayo Ireland, Ontario
Cameron -- Scotland, Ontario
Bell -- Scotland, Ontario
Seaman -- New York, Ontario

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